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Our Vineyard

We are a small specialised vineyard with 8 hectares under vine. The vines are planted in north east facing slopes at an altitude of 320 meters above sea level. The unique ancient soil of the vineyard is made up of decomposed granite, loam and clay. The soil is not too rich and provides good drainage, minerals and effective moisture retention during the summer months.

The vines are closely monitored with Gayle or Serena working out in the vineyard each day. Integrated pest management is practiced at the vineyard and the vines are irrigated sparingly using drip irrigation with a Smart Dyson trellis system providing a shady canopy to shield the grapes from the heat in summer. This type of management allows the sugars to develop harmoniously with its concentration and physiological ripeness developing complexity ensuring the grapes develop their full flavour showcasing the terroir.

With warm sunny days, cool nights and a constant light breeze assisting in the slow ripening of the grapes, vintage occurs from late February through to mid April depending on the variety and the season. The combination of soil, climate and viticulture techniques produces low yielding vines that create fine, concentrated, intense wines.


Gayle grew up on farms in North East Victoria where her family has well established agricultural roots. Her first job out of school was with Lindeman's wines in Rutherglen and since then has held a variety of roles in the wine industry with her last role as Operations Manager at Brown Brothers before leaving to be the winemaker at Serengale Vineyard.

Gayle is hands on in the winery and the vineyard. Before owning and operating Serengale Vineyard, Gayle used to enjoy golfing, bushwalking and fishing.

Estate Manager

Serena grew up in a small country town in North East Victoria. She left to go to University and study commerce after which she established her own consultancy and spent the next twenty years in inner city Melbourne or living out of a suitcase. She craved to go back to the country and do something that involved nature and her passion for wine and food.

Serena is hands on in the vineyard and the commercial side of the business. Before owning and operating Serengale Vineyard, Serena used to enjoy riding her horses, gardening and bush walking.

Serengale Supervisor - JezebelSerengale Supervisor

Jezebel joined the partnership in 2011. Her role is to monitor all operations in the vineyard and winery. Before joining Serengale Vineyard she was wandering the streets of Albury-Wodonga as a lost dog and now enjoys lying in the sun, being patted by everyone and generally having a good time.