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Serengale Vineyard is passionate about making excellent wines that express the quality of our vineyard. Serengale Analisse Chardonnay was first produced in 2007. Each vintage is small with a crush of 2 to 3 tonnes. Our wine is made from specially selected hand picked bunches, using natural yeast and unfiltered, minimal intervention winemaking practices using the best French oak barrels. The wines are given plenty of time to mature both in the barrel of up to 18 months and with at least one year in the bottle before releasing to produce intricate, intense yet delicate wines.

Analisse Chardonnay

Analisse Chardonnay is made from Chardonnay vines that were planted at Serengale Vineyard in 2003. They are south facing which facilitates cool ripening and protection of direct sunlight. Wine is a product of nature, it is the culmination of climate, weather, soil, site, wild life and of course the expertise of the Viticulturist and Winemaker. This is what makes wine such a unique and exciting product.

Over the years Mother Nature has thrown a great deal at us and we are proud to say we have made some fabulous wines. There were a couple of years where she beat us and, in keeping with our pledge to only make the best that we can offer, we decided not to make a chardonnay in 2009 and 2011. 2007 was the first Chardonnay we made, selling our grapes in the earlier years, waiting for our vines to mature and produce the complex flavours that are expected from older vines.

Our Wines

2012 Serengale Analisse Chardonnay
$35 per bottle - Current Release

The 2012 Analisse Chardonnay is complex and once again exhibits mineral characteristics typical of the Beechworth region. It has pear and peach characters and is balanced by quality French Oak. Bottle age will only benefit this wine. A fabulous wine to share in the terroir of the Beechworth region.

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2010 Serengale Analisse Chardonnay

In 2010, we had a great season and the resulting wine shows off mineral, citrus and peach characters. The hint of French oak is in perfect balance. It is a generous wine that gives over its flavours willingly. It has a richness that can be enjoyed over a number of years. Bottle age will only benefit this wine.

2008 Serengale Analisse Chardonnay

2008, what a fabulous year for Chardonnay. A beautiful spring was capped off by a cool ripening period. The grapes at harvest were beautifully balanced with flavour and acidity. The 2008 Analisse Chardonnay is a stunning wine with peach and citrus characters, great length with subtle French oak notes. It is a wine that is typical of the Beechworth region, with a strong mineral presence.

2007 Serengale Analisse Chardonnay

In 2007 the country was parched. We were again in drought. At Serengale Vineyard, we were able to keep vines watered and as the Chardonnay is picked in February, we were able to dodge the harsher elements of the year. The 2007 Analisse Chardonnay, shows the wonderful mineral characters of the Beechworth region, along with subtle pear and citrus. The wine has good length and should age well.

Vigneron Sister Vineyard - Virago

2013 La Misture Nebbiolo
$30 per bottle


2012 Virago Nebbiolo
$47 per bottle

Warm summer days and cool nights, revitalizing rain though out the season....the 2012 is a reflection of near perfect growing conditions.
The 2012 Virago promises a mouthful of fruit on the first swirl, and it does not disappoint.

2011 Virago Nebbiolo
$52 per bottle

We learned in 2011 that Noisy Friar birds love Nebbiolo too! Nebbiolo is the last variety to ripen, and by the time we harvested our crop, the birds had dined out on at least 1/3 of it. We supplemented our harvest with Nebbiolo from our neighbour, Indigo Vineyard.

Earthy, floral nose, fruit characters well balanced with firm and long tannins which make it the perfect companion for beef/lamb stew, drink now, but decant for up to an hour, or cellar for several years.


Jancis Robinson
Reviewed: January 2016

Analisse Chardonnay 2012 - Serengale Vineayrd, Beechworth
From an east-facing vineyard at 320 m established in 1999 that mainly supplied others (including Giaconda) until recently. Now equipped with a new winery, Gayle Taylor and Serena Abbinga intend to make much more wine themselves.

This 2012 was made under the old regime. Ripe and sweet on the nose but with an undertow of fresh green fruit character. Nicely balanced with nothing jarring. Very delicate texture with the acid balance just right for what should be quite a few years' evolution. The back label urges us to decant this. Probably sound advice. Pretty - and pretty impressive. Nothing out of place, although it's still pretty chewy.

14.2% | Drink 2015-2019 | 16.5+